How to Chat On Yahoo Local

One of the secrets behind Facebook’s great success is that it allowed their users to create a local community. The people usually love to talk to those living nearby. Therefore, all the chatting services have a special feature that allows the users to reach the people living in their area.

Yahoo has a great feature in this regard. The messenger allows the users to join chat rooms and enjoy chatting with locals. Chatting is done through a messenger, and it is absolutely free.

The chat rooms are created on the basis on topics and region. Just join the chat room of your choice, and talk to hundreds of online Yahoo users.


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    First of all, you need to install Yahoo messenger on your computer. There are two different ways of getting this program. One can either get it on a DVD, or download it from the Yahoo website. The application is absolutely free, and it takes very little time to install.

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    If you already have the messenger, connect your computer to Internet. Double-click on the messenger icon to open it.

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    The next step is to sign in by using your Yahoo account. Just enter your Yahoo ID and password to sign in. If it is your personal computer, you should use the ‘Automatic Login’ option.

    Once you have checked this box, you will not be required to enter ID and password every time you login. The messenger saves your account details, and as a result, you sign in automatically whenever you open Yahoo messenger.

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    Once you have signed in, you just need to make a few very simple moves. From the menu bar, click ‘Messenger’. A list of options will appear in front of you. Click on "Yahoo! Chat." This menu further has a few options, including "Join a Room" that you need to choose.

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    A new window will pop up with plenty of different chat rooms. There are thousands of chat rooms in Yahoo messenger. One can also create a chat room.

    From the long list at the left side of the window, choose ‘Regional’. To select this, you need to click the + symbol next to the name of the group.

    Scroll down to find your country. Again click the + symbol to open the list of available chat rooms under the umbrella of your country.

    Now, select the city closest to the area you are living in. A list of available chat rooms will appear on the right side. Double-click on the room you want to join. A new window of the selected room will open.

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