India Will Have The Most Facebook Users

Yes, that’s true that by 2015, Facebook’s main market will shift to India from Americas and Europe because India is the fastest growing and emerging Facebook market. At the moment India has about 46,307,580 Facebook users making it the third largest users’ hub, as reported by Socialbakers. Currently US is at top with 156,830,580 users, and Brazil is on second with 48,041,640 users.

Eleanor Armitage, a spokeswoman of Socialbakers has said that the growth rate of Indian Facebook users is 22 percent every six months, which makes it the fastest growing region for Facebook. If the growth remains consistent, by 2015 Indian Facebook population will leave Brazil and US behind, i.e. India is expected to have 175 million users and U.S will have 170 million members.

Closely looking into the stats it shouldn’t surprise anyone, as India’s population is above 1.2 billion and the current Facebook users are less than 4 percent of the population while U.S’s 51 percent population is on Facebook. With availability of mobile phones and Facebook access on them, a greater part of the Indian youth is going on Facebook. According to Cara Pring, a Sydney based social media blogger there’s overrepresentation of age group of 18 to 34 on social media and in India it’s huge, i.e. 76 percent Indian Facebook users fall in this age group.

Facebook has already opened an office in Hyderabad in 2010, but it’s not enough. Majority of the Indian market is still untapped. It’s going to be alarming on Facebook’s end as this is a mega market shift, and so they need to device a solution accordingly to tap this biggest market segment. Probably they’ve already thought about it and Mark Zuckerberg’s keen interest in developing Facebook Mobile on priority basis is part of the plan!

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