How To Check a Patent

A patent which refers to creations of the mind is a form of a legal concept, which exclusive rights are recognized. Its a set of exclusive rights granted to an inventor by the state. It is a form of intellectual property. It is granted for a limited period of time and the procedure for granting patent varies between countries.

In order to search a patent, the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) is the most reliable site. This site helps and guides people through every database and how to connect with right system.

Things Required:

– Trademark name Patent number


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    Type of search

    First of all you need to figure out the type of search you want to carry out. The USPTO website has different tools so you can carry out your searches.

    Some of the search types include Quick Search, Advanced Search and Patent Number Search.

    You can access help files in any type of search and at any point in your search.

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    Quick Search

    You can perform quick search to check a patent. When you choose this type of search, you can search the entire data base with the help from two-term search.

    Remember that you will also be required to enter the year. You will have to choose a year from the drop-down menu.

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    Enter the search items

    First you need to enter the search term in the first term’s entry box. Then you need to choose the field in the drop down menu of Field 1.

    Next you need to type your second search item in the Field number two. Then click the search item.

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    Advanced Search

    If you click on the Advanced Search then the page open will allow you to do full search. You can do a full line search in this page.

    Just like in the Quick search page, you will have to select a year from the drop-down menu. However, instead of doing two-term search, you can write your many search items in the line and then click search.

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    Patent Number Search

    In case you click on the Patent Number Search, you simply need to type the patent number in the box present there.

    You can also do multiple searches by separating the numbers with a comma.

    Then click the search button and you will get your results with most recent listed first.

    Note that patent number is a seven digit number which is to be entered in the box.

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