How to Launder Your Cashmere

Dry cleaning may be the perfect solution for laundering any other fabric but certainly not for your cashmere. The cleaning fluid used in dry cleaning is too strong for the delicate fiber of cashmere and reduces its life by breaking them up. Instead of spending money and effort on the dry cleaners, you can launder your cashmere yourself at home and save not only money but the life of your material. Cashmere products are an investment and you certainly do not want to part with them so early. Cashmere can be hand washed at home using cold water and a baby shampoo or even a light detergent.

Things Required:

Two Towels

– Detergent Designed For Fragile Fabrics

– Drying Rack


  • 1

    Check the label of the cashmere product you have. If it has the hand wash symbol, you will have certainly have to do so. Some cashmere products come with trims that have to be dry cleaned after all.

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    Select a detergent that is very soft. A baby shampoo can also do the same job well as it is very gentle and cleans thoroughly. Empty and wash out the sink for washing. You can also use a tub or bucket for the purpose.

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    Fill the sink with cold water. Squirt some baby shampoo and make a soapy solution. Dip in the cashmere product and swish it around to soak it up. Let the cashmere soak in the soap water for around twenty minutes. Take it off, empty the sink water and fill again with cold, clean water. Rinse a few times to get rid of all the soap. You can squeeze the cashmere gently under the water to get rid of the soap. However, do not wring the cashmere in any case because it will loose its shape and fitting.

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    Now take the two towels or more and roll the cashmere in them . Press the towels to dry off the excess water off the cashmere. Place the product on a towel rack so that it can dry up without losing its shape. Do not dry it in direct sunlight as it can take off the color and dull it. Flip over the cashmere product when the top dries. Let it dry well before wearing or storing. Clothes stored directly develop smell and fungus because of the moisture still left in them. Reshape the clothes and use accordingly.

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