How to Childproof Your Home

Having small children in the house is always a wonderful feeling because of their playful and sometimes emotional nature. However having them can be extremely dangerous because of the components in a household which could potentially put their life in a problematic situation.

It is the duty of parents to provide a safe living environment for their children, which is why it is important to childproof your home. There are a number of ways a house can be childproofed.


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    Electrical Outlets

    It is highly important that you cover all electrical outlets in the house. This will prevent children from sticking their fingers into the outlet(s) and can be done by using protective coverings to keep them away. The best part about using protective coverings is the fact that they cannot be pulled out easily, especially by little children.

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    All sorts of harsh chemicals which can be toxic should be kept away and stored high above in cabinets where children are not able to stretch their hands out.

    It should be remembered that all sorts of chemicals should be stored in cabinets having locks or else there should be childproof caps on the containers of chemical bottles.

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    Medicine can be hazardous for young children, especially tablets which can appear like candies to children. Any medication, even the smallest dose, could be extremely harmful for children, which is why keeping it far out of their reach in the medicine cabinet should be top priority.

    Make sure that each and every bottle of medicine has the proper cap on it, which usually cannot be opened by little children unless the proper force and method is applied to it.

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    Furniture and Appliances

    It is highly important to cover any sharp edges on furniture items like glass tables and such. Reinforcing large furniture items like book cases and other things should be done along with keeping all breakable items away from young children. Standing water should be covered, like with the example of swimming pools and the toilet.

    Moveable appliances like steam irons should also be unplugged and properly stored away so that children are not able to reach them and potentially have it fall on them while plugged into an electrical socket.

    Safety gates should also be installed to keep children from going up or down the stairs.

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