How to Make Stone Brick Stairs

Stone brick stairs look elegant but it is a bit tricky job to make them. Obviously a professional builder will construct the stone brick stair case in no time but if you want to save some bucks, you can also do it by yourself. All you need is to take care of a few pointers and a will to do the job. You have to make a concrete foundation and then assemble the concrete blocks upon it. You would see how much elegance and sophisticated look the stone brick stairs will add to the front and backyard of your house in the end.


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    You have to make a strong concrete foundation before constructing the stairs because without a solid foundation, your stairs might sink or even collapse with the passage of time. Dig out the area where you have to build the stairs and level it by packing tramper into it.

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    Take four pieces of 6 inches wide and 1 inch thick straight lumber and make a rectangle or a square of them. Nail the wooden frame and make sure its size is the same as the area you dig for making the foundation. You can use stakes to hold the pieces of lumber in place and then hammer nails into it.

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    Put the wooden frame in the foundation area and place steel rods into the base for adding strength.

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    Now pour concrete onto the steel rods and fill in the wooden frame with it. Level the top of concrete layer by skimming a flat board back and forth over it. You will have to wait until the concrete completely dries.

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    Once the concrete foundation fully solidified, start building the initial steps of the stone staircase. Place first row of concrete blocks from front to back. Keep adding rows of concrete blocks to form further steps.

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    Lay down the first course of bricks upon the bottom stair step. Make sure to keep ample space between the bricks to add mortar.

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    Froth the bricks with mortar and fill in the gaps between them. Then you have to press the bricks into the concrete block base and apply mortar with a trowel.

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    When you will press the bricks, excess mortar will be squeezed out of the bricks and you can use the trowel to scrape it off.

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    Repeat the same process to keep building stair steps until you reach the exterior of the concrete steps. Wait for one week to allow the bricks to cure and then scrape off the excess mortar with a bristle brush and water.

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