How to Make Window Treatments

You do not have to spend a lot of money in order to dress up your windows. Instead, you can make elegant window treatments yourself and succeed in adding style to your house for almost half the cost. You can take ideas from various sources and then choose one that you like best. Follow some easy techniques to help you make window treatments for your home.

Things Required:

– Needle and thread
– Fabric
– Sewing machine
– Measuring tape
– Scissors
– Pencil
– Straight pins
– Iron
– Curtain rod
– Ribbon


  • 1

    Buy fabric of your choice

    Choose a decent fabric that follows the theme or style that you are trying to achieve. After you have gotten a pattern, cut a piece of material that is around a foot and a half in length to double the width of the window. Knock down the edges with the help of a sewing machine or needle and thread, fold and sew three sides of the fabric. Move the fourth edge down a couple of inches so it faces the back of the fabric. Design the cloth by sewing a line all the way across through the middle of the upper edge. Create a rod pocket as well. Attach the bottom edge of the fabric by sewing a straight line above the four inch spot. Complete it by slipping a curtain rod through the final product and hang it over the windows.

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    Select material for your curtains that are elegant and easy to maintain. Know that to keep privacy intact, you should buy heavy fabric so that people cannot peek inside through the curtains. Calculate the width of the window and choose whatever length you want. Make sure to hem the sides for clean look. Make the tabs by cutting off four by eight inch strips of material. Fold them into thirds, crosswise and stitch. Add to curtains with the sewn edge facing forward and connect the tabs to the curtain tops.

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    Select the fabric shade. Take your window measurements and make sure that the two separated pieces of fabric are bigger by a few inches. Then connect the pieces. On a smooth surface place the two pieces of material on top of every other so that the faces are together and stitch on three sides. Turn the fabric out and stitch it. Complete the treatment once you have completed all the steps. To make the window treatment just tack ribbon to the top or bottom edge.

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