How to Choose a Bike for a Child

Cycling is a source of great fun especially for the little ones, when they are seeing the whole world with their beautiful eyes weaving dreams of all sorts and so ready to experience them. Being a parent you might have been dragged by your child in every store to get him a bicycle of his own choice. So are you ready to get your cute the bicycle of his choice? He might be crazy for various things that he want to see his new dreamland vehicle. Besides those features, there are some important things that must be looked for a safe and worry-less ride. Here is the check list:


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    Which Shop to Buy From?

    Always go to the branded stores for buying the right bicycle and if not then at least buy it from the shop which sales bicycles only. Avoid buying from your nearby Wal-Mart or any other chain stores or you will have to suffer for quality!

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    Some Useful Considerations:

    Make sure that the bicycle you are going to buy has been stamped with the quality assurance test that has been approved by the Government. This will make sure that the bicycle has been designed with careful considerations to avoid any accidental happenings. In addition to this, make sure that there should not be anything in front of bicycle so that while riding if your child falls down accidentally, nothing is stabbed inside the body. Also make sure that there should be chain guards in the absence of derailleur so that the pants or shoe laces are not caught in the chain ring.

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    Buying a Bicycle with the Right Size:

    It is very important that the bicycle you are going to buy fits your little one and he can easily mount on it with feet touching the ground while standing on it. The wheel size for a child’s bicycle is 16”, 20” and 24”. You can see the chart for choosing the right bicycle for your child according to the age.

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    Handle Bars:

    Make sure that your child is not reaching for or extending his hands for the handle bars. He should comfortably reach the handle bars while standing on the bicycle. Just have a test ride before making any decision.

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    Make sure that the wheel at the front has a system by way of which the wheel won’t get dropped even if the axle nuts get loosen.  Try to go for those bikes that have the rim, center and the spokes made of metal so that they wont get rusty.

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    Frame and Alignment Check:

    As far as the frame is concerned make sure that it is well-built enough to withstand any ordinary mistreatment. Don't forget  to go for the alignment check of the bicycle which is a simple test. All you have to do is to look for a plain floor. Make sure that there are no ups and downs on the floor or any slope. Now park your bicycle on this floor and check the wheels both from the front as well as from the back to make sure that both they are in contact with the floor and there are no gaps.

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    In order to check the brakes make sure that they are strong enough to stand the weight of the rider as well as speed. Also it is important to go for the rims made of alloy as the steel rims can get rusted easily which is very risky for your little one as it can make the bicycle stop after a while when brakes are applied.

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