How to Check Motorcycle Oil

Motorcycles are used for several purposes ranging from a way of travelling to racing around the track. Sparkplugs and oil are the main components of a motorcycle and thus needs to be checked regularly.


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    Warm your motorcycle

    First of all you need to warm your motorcycle. You can do this by simply starting the motorcycle. You can also take a ride on your street in order to warm the oil in your motorcycle. By warming the oil you can take correct reading as it expands and flow better.

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    You should then park the motorcycle on a level surface. Remember to turn the ignition off after parking your bike.

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    Position yourself

    Next you need to position yourself near the oil sight glass. Usually it is located in the left side of the motorcycle. Go towards the left side and slightly crouch to seek the oil sight glass. This sight glass is mostly placed towards the left side of the clutch cover.

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    Hold the bike in a vertical position

    You need to stay in that position and gently lift the motorcycle until it is in vertical position.

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    Check the oil level

    You will see that the oil is filling the sight glass. There are two marks on the sight glass and the oil stop filling in the sight glass, its level should be between these two marks. In case the oil level is under the lower mark then you need to add more oil.

  • 6

    Colour and capacity

    You need to carefully examine the colour and the level of your motorcycle oil. In case it is contaminated then you need to replace the oil. Remember to change the oil filter as well when you are replacing the oil of your motorcycle.

  • 7

    Place bike back to its position

    In the end, you can place your motorcycle back to its original position that is on the side stand.

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