How to Choose a Date And Time for a Wedding Rehearsal Dinner

In order to assure that nothing will go wrong at your wedding, it is highly recommended that you choose a date and time for a wedding rehearsal dinner. To make things smoother and easier, you must plan a rehearsal dinner for your wedding and watch everything closely. No doubt that taking out some time from your busy routine especially just few days before the wedding can be difficult, but if you want to make sure that nothing goes improper, the wedding rehearsal dinner might be your only option.


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    Choose a date and time

    It is strongly advised that you choose an appropriate date and time for the wedding rehearsal dinner. It might be difficult for you, but you have to spare sometime for the rehearsal dinner.

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    Spare at least 1 hour for rehearsal

    It is strongly recommended that you spare at least 1 hour for the wedding rehearsal dinner. It may sound a lot to you but it would be easier for you if you keep things at the safer end. There is no harm in sparing extra 15 minutes to the rehearsal time. Not to mention, it would allow you to keep things on a tight leash and stay on track.

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    Estimate the time to reach rehearsal dinner’s location

    Now you must estimate the time required to reach the location of rehearsal dinner. You must calculate the distance from the location of the function to the rehearsal dinner. You do not have to be strict in the calculation of time and schedule otherwise you will be creating the problem for yourself. It's recommended that you add 10-15 minutes to the estimated time as a leverage for extreme traffic conditions.

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    Rehearsal dinner must be a night before the function

    In general, rehearsal dinners are carried away along with the rehearsal of the function. Both of these rehearsals must be held only a day before the actual date of function but if due to some reason the site of the function is not available; then you must plan it a few days before. It is suggested that you must pick the nearest available date for the rehearsals. In order to avoid the headache, it is suggested that you must arrange both rehearsals in one day and wait for your out of station guests to arrive.

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