How to Propose to a Woman Creatively

To propose the girl of your dreams is not an easy task for most of us. Sheer courage, sincerity and creativity are required to propose the women you love. Everyone thinks in different and beautiful ways to express his feelings and to tell his lover that how much value she holds in his life and how much he needs him. There are many creative styles of proposing your girl but keep in mind that every proposing style might not suit you. You have to look out for your and her taste and preferences.


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    In the Church

    If you are pretty religious sort of a person, it is better to propose her in the church. You can make some special arrangements, like asking the church ministry and musicians to support your cause or ask the preacher to include you in the church programme after the mass. You can start delivering your romantic message while soft music is played in the background and after you are done with it, you take out the ring, kneel before the girl before asking the obvious question, “Will you marry me?”

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    Where You First Met

    The place where you two met for the first time certainly holds a great significant in your life. It is one of the simplest ways of proposing your girl. Simply call her out to that place and start with casual discussion. Talk about the moments you both met there for the first time, the hard times you have been since then and the good memories too. Tell her how much you want to extend your relationship with her and when you have grabbed her attention, pull out your ring and simply ask “Will you marry me?”

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    Using an Audio-Visual Presentation

    If you know to use editing software, you can make a presentation containing photos and videos of you both together. You can insert captions in the presentation to tell her how much she means to you. Encrypt this presentation on a DVD and gave it her to watch. At the end of the presentation, your obvious question should prompt, stating “Will you marry me?”

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    Using an Aerial Banner

    You can contact any aerial advertising company to arrange for an aerial banner, with “Will you marry me?” written on it. These banners are attached to the back of an air plane and when it flies in the air, that long streamer can be seen from fairly large distance as well. The aerial advertising company will arrange everything for you and all you need to do is take her to that specific place, kneel and pop out the ring at right time and the air plane flying with the banner will ask your question from her.

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