How to Make a Cathedral Wedding Veil

Ideal for adding an elaborate finishing touch to a bridal outfit, a cathedral wedding veil is a lavish headpiece worn by women on their special day. Often layered, and decorated with lace and beadwork, cathedral veils are elegant and intricate, but if you are up for a little hard work, there is no need to pay for one. With the right supplies, and some dedicated effort, you can create a cathedral veil at home, which can later be passed down the family as a precious heirloom.

Things Required:

– Tulle
– Sewing needle
– Thread
– Hair comb or tiara
– Sharp scissors
– Straight pins


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    Start by purchasing the tulle you will need to make the veil. Take a trip to your local fabric store, and make sure you take along a swatch of your bridal dress to match the colour of the tulle to your dress. You are looking for a single layer of tulle, which should be soft and pliable to touch. Plain tulle will give a simple and refined look, but if you are looking for more texture, beaded tulle is also an option. If you want, you can just get plain tulle, and add on adornments by yourself later on.

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    Once you’ve selected the material you want, it is time to get it cut and measured. The standard length for a cathedral veil is around 108-inches long, but you can adjust it according to your particular height. Make sure the shop is generous with the cut, and adds in a few extra inches, for the hem.

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    After you have bought it, it is time to start making the cathedral veil.  Spread out the tulle on a wide, flat, and open surface, and use paperweights or any other heavy objects to keep the material flat while you work with it. Trim off any jagged edges with a pair of scissors.

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    Next, go around the entire edge of the material and use the pins to create a temporary hem – this can be around 2 to 3 inches, as per your preferences. Once the adjustments are to your liking, use a needle and thread (make sure the thread matches the colour of the tulle) to hem it. Try it on to see if you like the final length.

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    Once the hemming is done, use the needle and thread to gather together the top of the veil. Thread along the edge loosely, and then bunch it together until it is roughly the width of your tiara or hair comb. Then, attach the veil to the tiara or hair comb with the needle and thread, and to keep it secure, knot the edge of the thread once you are done. Your cathedral wedding veil is now ready for use.

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