How to Personalize Wedding Invitation Card

Wedding is a very memorable moment of a person’s life. It stays in the mind until the end of the life and always brings good memories so no one wants to screw up anything related to such a critical and instrumental ceremony of your life. Everyone has their eyes on you and all the participants play a special part in your wedding. Therefore, the invitation card prepared for them should be special enough to ignite an interest in their heart to attend your wedding and grace it with their appearance. There are several methods by which you can customize your invitation card:


  • 1

    Decide about the colour of the invitation card. You need to select a colour that will pronounce yourself whenever they will look at them. They should be able to relate yourself with that invitation card so you should choose a colour that is mostly related to you. Never make a decision in haste because it mostly makes waste and all your effort is flushed down the gutter.

  • 2

    You need to choose the decoration on the card. Some cards are designed in a way that allows special embellishments that can be added to the card. You can choose customized embellishments, like beads and other ribbons to make your card better. You have to make sure that it doesn’t get too heavy at the same time so the embellishments should be smartly chosen.

  • 3

    You need to select the font of the writings that will be put in the card. You need to choose the writing font as well as size of the words. You can put your name in bold and italics along with a greater font size that will make it appear brighter than the rest of the text. You can make the other text look different by choosing a different font size and style for it. It all depends upon your likings.

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    Next you need to decide the paper that will be used for the invitation cards. You need to select the paper that is hard enough to hold the embellishments but also contains a good quality so that the letters are printed with clarity. Choose a card paper that is highly recommended.

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