How to Look like an Indian Bride

Hindus, Muslims, Christians and many other religions can be found in India. India is a land of different cultures and traditions. As a result, Indian marriages also vary a lot. However, brides’ makeup and way of dressing is almost similar. Red is the typical colour of a Bride’s dress. Along with this, Brides are under layer of jewelleries preferably gold.

Things Required:

– Normal Makeup (with special effect to Red colour)
– Red Bindis
– Flower wedding crown
– Mehndi
– Fine dupatta
– Heavy gold jewellery
– Sarees and other accessories


  • 1

    Apply haldi and then bathe

    On the special day, the ceremony starts with applying turmeric paste or haldi on the bride. This is the haldi rituals which starts the wedding ceremony early in the morning. This ritual involves applying haldi on the bride after which she takes a bath. This is to protect the bride’s skin from harmful chemicals of the makeup which is applied during the wedding. This application will also lead in glowing of the bride’s skin. Remember that the turmeric paste is applied all over the body of a bride.

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    Painting of hands

    Painting of hands or applying mehndi is one of the important parts of an Indian wedding. In the mehndi ritual, bride’s hands are fully covered with mehndi. The mehndi is brown in colour and different patterns are designed on bride’s hands. Some brides also engrave their husbands name with the mehndi paste on their hands.

  • 3

    Apply the makeup

    After applying mehndi, makeup is applied on the bride. The makeup is mostly of red shades. Special attention is given to red lip colours and red bindis which are of beautiful designs. For the eye makeup, focus is on making eyes look bigger. Light red eye shadow and a thick eye liner are applied to the bride.

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    Next you need to attach a fine piece of cloth known as dupatta around the bun of the bride.

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    In the end, add jewellery preferably made of gold. This enhances bride’s beauty.

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