How to Become a Virtual Receptionist

Are you looking for a job and want to enjoy the freedom of being your own boss as well? Virtual receptionist may just be the right choice for you. A virtual receptionist is one of the fast-growing career choices in the virtual answering service industry these days. This career has become popular because it suits best to both the employer and the employee.

From the employer’s perspective, hiring a virtual receptionist is less expensive as compared to an in-house one. From the employee’s perspective, working from home is an excellent choice for single or stay at home parents, especially mothers. Moreover, it is also a great choice for retirees.

As a virtual receptionist, you will not need to travel to the actual office and will be working from your own home or any other location of your choice where you feel comfortable. Moreover, this job also gives you an opportunity to engage yourself in any other part-time business.


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    Familiarize yourself with virtual answering industry

    If you want to be a virtual receptionist, you will need to understand the support systems you will be required to use. If you know someone already in the profession, you can watch them to see how they work.

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    Build a good receptionist resume

    Build a good receptionist resume, highlighting your strengths, especially communication skills. Since most of the answering-service industry jobs need the employee to meet the needs of the customer on a phone or other voice mediums, your resume should be based on any customer-service related job you have had in the past.

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    Make sure you have time to work

    Before committing to  virtual receptionist’s position, consider your daily routine and obligations. Ensure that you have enough time to work as a virtual receptionist. Remember a flexible work schedule is crucial for virtual employees. You may be required to answer phones late night and early morning.

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    Make sure you have the required equipment available at your home

    Make sure that you have all the office equipment available at the place you want to virtually work from. A landline is a must for a virtual receptionist, and in some cases you may need more than one line. You will also need a high speed internet connection and popular communication software.

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