How to Answer a Divorce Complaint

Marriage is a social contract. It involves emotions, and when it breaks down, the intensity of emotions is even higher. The process is not hassle free if it involves the court, moved by one party, with or without knowledge of other one. If it is without consent of the other spouse, it comes as a great shock. Whatever the situation may be, the law requires to file your response to the filing complaint.

Before filing a response to a divorce complaint, you can weigh your options. It is completely a new turn in your life, do not rush with the response, and discuss the matter with your family, close friends and even search online. Once you are confident about knowing enough, you can file a response.

Filing a response is not simply write a letter in response to complaint, but thinking all the social implications that the step will have on your life and your family. The task is not easy if it involves children’s custody matter and share in property of etc. You can fulfill this task by following a proper plan step by step.


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    Seek Services of Professional Lawyer

    On receiving of a divorce complain, if you think that the matter is difficult to handle you alone, you can hire services of an attorney or professional lawyer. If you cannot find a lawyer locally you contact your local court for the matter.

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    Search for Court Requirements

    If you are unable to find an attorney or want to file response for yourself but do not know the procedure, search your local court's website. Generally, it should have information about how to file a response to a divorce complaint, and all other requirements to be fulfilled.

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    Find What is Required With Response Filing

    Browse through the website of the court and find what documents you will be required to file with your response. It is better you make a check list of all papers and send them along with the response.

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    Fill Out Paperwork Carefully

    You can either download direct from the court website the require response form, if it requires to be filed through a proper form. Fill it out carefully and attached all documents. Make sure you have enclosed all the required documents before sending the file.

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    File Response and Wait

    Having filled out the form and met all other requirements, file the response. You might receive an acknowledgement of your response and then you will have to wait for the court to proceed on the complaint.

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