How To Add Italian Traditions to a Wedding

Italy is one passionate and emotional country, the wedding ceremony is one vivid confirmation of this. Italians take pride of their traditions and an Italian wedding is a serious ritual. Italian Weddings are spectacular accompanied by dancing, live music that remains in the ears of the newly-weds and all the respective guests for a good time.

In any country, wedding is an important and memorable event but Italian weddings are a special event on which two families prepare really hard to have fun and celebrate it in a big way.

In Italy, there are three main types of wedding ceremonies: a civilian, in the municipalities (equivalent of our ceremony in the registry office) and the church. The latter, as we know, has become more popular in recent years.

A young man makes a proposal sweetheart – singing serenades under the window, and if she agrees, then throws a flower with a key. Italian wedding begins in the family home of the bride, the so-called farewell ceremony with family, accompanied by tears and weeping. The engagement function may last until morning.


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    The bride and groom are married in the Catholic Church. Any given Sunday of July is considered as the best day for the wedding. On Sunday, they believe that the Italians, the saints bless the couple and the husband and wife live a long and happy marriage life.

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    Interestingly, the dress can be red or green, and of course white. Green symbolizes abundance, red shows passion while white reveals the sophistication and innocence. An inherent part of the bride dress is a bridal veil.

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    The wedding is also very exciting action as everything is decorated with flowers and the bride comes with her bridesmaid with the similar colour of clothes. The priest tells the couple to exchange rings and ask them to kiss each other.

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    Before the beginning of the feast, guests on memory may be presented with symbolic gifts.Wife collects all the gifts including money. Food at the wedding consists of pasta, risotto, olives and squid.

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    Newly-weds break glasses, as the tradition says that the broken segments of the glass represent the number of happy years ahead.

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    Another of the ancient Italian tradition is that the husband brings his wife to the new house by holding her hand, symbolizing that she has officially become a member of the family.

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