How to Reject a Marriage Proposal

Everybody at some point in their lives wants to get married to do whatever things they want to do in a legal fashion. Although there is no concept of marriage in animals (for instance, a razorback gorilla won’t ask his female crush for hand in marriage as it is biologically impossible), the case is entirely different for human being considering the social and cultural bonds that tie them. However, never think that just because you proposed a person to tie the knot with them would see your plan work out. So many people, especially guys have proposed many women to get married with them but have usually experienced rejection more often than not.

Women are complicated creatures and have a mind that so far, no one has been able to decipher which is the reason why even if a girl wants to get married to you, might never say yes for some godforsaken reason.

Life is not a fairytale so it’s ok if you have recently seen your marriage proposal get rejected for reasons you may or may not know. However, the question is whether you were met by a polite way of rejection or a rude one. And for girls out there who are reading this, there are a few decent and rude ways to reject someone’s marriage proposal. However, it is better to say no politely as one day, karma will get you.


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    If you are simply nervous about making such an important commitment, you first need to know what you want with your life and ask yourself if this proposal will bring you satisfaction in the long-term. If you feel that you are not ready to make any sort of commitment, it is better not to leave the other person hanging and say no. However, try to give a reason for your rejection as it will ease the other person’s pain a wee bit.

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    Even though you have been dating someone for a long time, you might not know if that person is the marriage material. If you get the slightest hint that the person who seeks to marry you is not good for you, reject that person right away. There’s always so many fish in the sea considering the population of the world so there is going to be another option available.

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    It’s hard for some people to say know but know this for a fact! Yes men never win any races so don’t let yourself be dominated by your sense of guilty conscience. Everyone has to say no for their own good at some point so why not start by rejecting a marriage proposal if it’s not worth it.

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    The world is full of people with psychotic tendencies and obsessive people so it’s better not to offend the person you are rejecting in order to avoid any serious consequences. (For example; You’re a sweetheart and someone I trust with my life but I can’t take things to the next level so I’m telling you this out of my sheer respect for you).

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