How to Stay Fresh at Your Summer Wedding

Summer is a great season to get married, but sometimes the heat can be over whelming. It can make everyone feel that they are melting. It is essential to keep yourself cool. The makeup should stay on till the end of the ceremony. You want to look good in front of the guests and in pictures. Many people like the summer weather as it means a lot of sun and fun; people like to have beach weddings and the openness gives a great effect.


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    The most important thing is to protect your skin so don’t forget to wear a sunscreen. If the reception requires you to stand under the sun for some time, you should apply a moisturizer which already has sun block in it. Any part of the body which will be exposed should be protected. The makeup should be chosen wisely. Preferably the makeup should be oil free. Sweat will mix with the makeup and give a cakey appearance. If the foundation is oil free, it will allow the skin to breath. Keep some wipes in your purse and pat your face when it gets sweaty. Do not use face powder as it sticks unevenly with the skin. The mascara and eye liner should be water proof so that they don’t come off with sweat.

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    The cloth should also be light. So dress in cotton instead of silk or wool. The dress shouldn’t be full length as it will make you feel hotter. Wear light colors as they appear cool to the eye and complement the sunlight. The hairstyle should also be appropriate according to the weather. You don’t want your hair sticking to your neck and giving a sweaty appearance. Tie your hair up to keep yourself cool. Also tell your guests that it’s an outdoor wedding so that they can dress accordingly.

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    Staying hydrated is the key to looking fresh in summers. Keep water bottles on every table for your guests. Make sure that you drink enough water to counter the alcoholic drinks you will consume. This will keep you from staying flushed. There should be cold compressors available to keep yourself cool. Also make sure that there is an air conditioned place nearby to give your guests some coolness. The restrooms should also have compressors and wipes for everyone to use when needed.

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