How to File a No Fault Divorce

It is not necessary that you declare your spouse responsible for the failure of marriage while applying for divorce. Similarly, you can save both time and money by cooperating with the other party. You can go through this nerve-racking process gracefully by filing a no fault divorce.

In these types of divorces, both parties agree to dissolve their wedlock and wish to end this process quickly. Moreover, in such types of cases you do not need to hire a divorce lawyer which means you will avoid additional expenditures.

Though, every state has its own laws regarding family matters and you will have to prepare your case according to these laws but still you can do it by taking care of couple of things.


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    Have a detailed meeting with the other party and discuss all the aspects of your case. Try to find common ground and decide that who is going to have the custody of kids or who will be responsible for loans if there are any. It is always better to resolve the issues before going into the divorce process as it will keep you safe from any unforeseen trouble.

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    Though, you may do it yourself but if the money is not the issue then you should hire a no-fault divorce lawyer. Hiring an attorney will help you to go through this legal process with great ease. Moreover, a professional lawyer will give authentic opinion on different aspects of your settlement agreement.

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    If you have decided to apply for divorce without the attorney then you will have to get a divorce form and put complete information about both parties in it. You may take help from internet or different online law sites to fill that form.

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    After filling the divorce form, you need to draft a petition in which you will state the reason of separation. Most of the time people give the reason that they are doing it with mutual consent as marriage is irretrievably broken.

    There is possibility that court will suggest both parties to live separately for a short period of time before getting divorced.

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    Next step will be to file a petition in relevant court. You will attach all the relevant documents like marriage certificate, property and loan papers, birth certificate of kids and others.

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    Do follow your petition and attend the hearing whenever you are notified.

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