How to Cry at a Wedding

Wedding is a happy occasion that joins two people in a strong and sacred bond of love. People have been getting married since as long as one can think of. While marriage typically marks the end of a story in films, books and cartoons, it is merely a beginning of a new journey in real life.

People at the wedding are all smiles at such a happy occasion. Some people even start crying because of being overwhelmed by emotions. Even though it is a norm, there are certain things and etiquettes that need to be kept in mind while crying at a wedding.


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    Bring a pretty and soft handkerchief, preferably made of cotton, with you to the wedding. The moment you feel the tears coming, pull the handkerchief out of your purse or pocket and use it to gently dab at your eyes. Do not use a tissue to dab at your eyes as it is slightly rough and can consequently make your eyes sting. Also make sure that your handkerchief is new and clean as old handkerchief will not look very nice and may make the people around you find you somewhat repulsive.

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    Make sure that you do not start sobbing or blowing your nose too loudly. Sobbing loudly or blowing your nose noisily may cause make it difficult for other people to enjoy the wedding. If you cannot help sobbing loudly, move away from the guests for a while. Visit the washroom to sob and blow your nose as noisily as you want. This way, you will not be disrupting the wedding or irritating the guests.

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    Do not forget to smile and breathe while you are crying. Remember, wedding is a happy occasion joining two people in a sacred bond. You do not want to be pulling off scary faces or looking miserable at such a time.

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    Do not continue to cry for too long. If you keep on crying, people at the wedding will become start worrying about you and turn their attention from admiring the bridge and groom to comforting you. You do not want to steal the spotlight from the bride on what is easily the most special day of her life. Control your emotions after crying a little and start enjoying the wedding.

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