How to Write a Wedding Speech

Giving a speech at any occasion is a difficult task, but being honoured with such a responsibility at a wedding party is even more difficult. You can become nervous at the moment you imagine that an audience of about 200 and plus people will be expectantly waiting for what you have to say in an environment of pin-drop silence.

Irrespective of the question how you approach the task of speech delivery on the day and how you do it, it is always recommended to have your speech well written and ready. There is no certain prescriptive rules for start and ending of the speech and what you should be saying in the middle, but a good speech has all basic ingredients. Make sure you restrict your piece of writing to the demand of the occasion.

A good speech has some details about you, more about the wedded couple and the parents and friends and a bit of humour to keep the audience attentive to what you are saying.

The benefit of having your speech in written is that you avoid stopping in the middle with your mouth open to say anything but you do not know what to say since you are lost.


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    You should start speech with an introduction to yourself, how you are related to the wedded couple and how long you have been known to each other. Do not drag the introduction part to cover your details only. You better keep your introduction a line or couple of sentence and focus on the couple more, because they are the integral part of the speech.

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    Share An Important Moment/Story About Couple

    After introduction towards the middle part share a good positive story about the wedded couple. You can also share an important moment of their life, which brings them into the limelight in front of the guests.

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    Share Good Points of Couple

    You can extend your speech in the middle to share some good points about the wedded couple with the guests. It can be about their student life, career or even family life. It can be possible that the couple had been together for sometime before the wedding and have good memories of those days.

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    Include Parents' Support

    You can add a bit information about the parents for their support to the newly wedded couple, and might share a couple of good points of them being wonderful parents.

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    Thank Guests, Organizers

    At the end you can thank all the guests for attending the wedding reception and all staff who have taken care of food and other arrangements on the day.

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    Propose Toast for the Couple

    Before going any further you should propose a toast for the newly wedded couple. This is a good gesture to wish all the best for the wedded couple, and soon you propose it all the guests participate in the toast.

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