How to Choose the Perfect Bed and Breakfast for Your Honeymoon

Guests go home after the wedding ceremony, leaving all the excitement between the bride and the groom. The young husband and wife dream of a honeymoon that they can remember for years to come.

There could be many efforts behind a successful honeymoon but the presence of a good bed and a delicious breakfast can add fuel to fire. Delightful lovemaking suggests suitable environment, affection, words, and more. So, a sexual intercourse or a good night’s sleep depends on bedroom furniture, which should be as comfortable.


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    Inflatable bed is a great choice for those who do not want to enjoy more free space. Most modern air beds are made of vinyl yet they are strong and durable material. Prerequisite is resistant to water, it protects the bed from water splashes near the pool.

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    What to look for when choosing? First, it is covering. It is important that bed linen is not to move out, so it's best to choose a bed with a velvet finish. As an alternative or in addition to, velvet finish, original design, in which clothes can be charged between the upper and lower half of the bed.

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    Second important factor is the height of the bed. This may depend upon the height of the couple. There are various options, but it is much more convenient to go to bed and get up, if the bed is quite high. Standard bed height is approximately 13-23 cm.

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    Drawing up the menu for a certain period (usually a week) will help balance the diet, count calories and provide the body with all the necessary trace elements. Make a diagram of the daily diet. Every day of the honeymoon should begin with breakfast. Decide the necessary amount of calories you can afford to have in your breakfast. The breakfast should include a large amount of carbohydrates (about 2/3 of the daily volume), less protein (1/3) and a small proportion of fat (1/5). Since breakfast - the main meal of the day, it should be quite satisfying.

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