How to Make Keepsake Snow Globes for Winter Weddings

Snow globes will never grow out of fashion. Even when we know how they are made, most of us still fantasize about how a different world exists inside the globe where it always rains. The globes can be a permanent part of your decoration but of course, they go most with winter themes when the snow does not look out of place. They are really easy to make and can help you customize the event if you are planning on a winter wedding. Customize the globes around the wedding theme. Make many of these inexpensive yet enchanting decoration options and you will have a splendid event. Step by step teaches you how to make snow globes using simple materials.

Things Required:

– Glass jar with lid
– Waterproof ornament or figurine
– Silicone sealant

– Distilled water
– Mineral oil
– Glitter or confetti
– Food colouring
– Sealant
– Acrylic paint
– Decorative ribbons or rope


  • 1

    Wash the glass jar well. A globe shaped jar is most appropriate for this. Turn over the jar lid and use the silicone sealant to attach the figurines to it. This way, when you put the jar upside down, the figurine will appear straight up. The figurines allow you to customize the snow globe according to your wedding. Choose figurines which revolve around the theme like a bride and groom dancing. Choose figurines which are water resistant and will not rust in the water.

  • 2

    Now you have to prepare the solution for the globe. Fill the globe with distilled water, leaving only ¬Ĺ inch room at the top. Now add several drops of the mineral oil or glycerin¬†into it. You can also use baby oil for it. The oils will keep the snow suspended in the solution and prevent it from settling down to the bottom.

  • 3

    Now sprinkle in the glitter or confetti into the jar. Add enough of these according to the jar size and water. There should be enough snow effect for the snow globe. You can also add food colours and coloured oil at this stage to enhance the effect and accentuate the appearance.

  • 4

    After the solution is ready, place the lid on the jar. Shut it tight and secure with a layer of sealant around the lid. The sealant will prevent any water discharge from the globe. You can decorate the globe with ribbons and other ornaments as per your aesthetic sense. Let the sealant dry overnight and you are done with the decorations.

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