How to Get Married Without Going Broke

Like many to-be-brides, you must have dreamt of a perfect wedding. We look at magazines, television, read stories and our expectations are sky high. When the time finally arrives, you realize that these fantasies cost a lot more than you thought. You have to balance the budget and extravagance. This doesn’t mean that you need to give up your dream wedding. It requires some planning and some simple trade offs and you will have the wedding you envisioned. Follow the tips below to learn how to get married the way you want without getting broke.


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    Make a guest list and analyze which guests are not very important. The fewer guests you invite the less will the wedding cost. Keep your focus on close friends and families; cut down on people you haven’t seen in ages or are distant business colleagues. Invitation cards are also a major part of the expense. Cut the cost by making and printing your own cards. The materials are also affordable and you have the added benefit of customizing them with your personal touch. There are craft kits in the market that you can purchase and also get matching envelopes. Also choose the dates strategically. Weddings on weekends cost more; the hall charges for weekdays are less. Summer weddings are also known to be more expensive so choose the date according to your budget.

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    A lot of money is spent on three course meals and sit down dinners. Why not have a dessert and coffee reception instead of a formal dinner. Everyone has the typical dinner; this will be classier and also cheaper. In the formal dinner you need a selection of appetizers, meals and desserts; this way you will only need a good variety of desserts. Pick a cheesecake, fruit pastries, tarts and also a chocolate indulgence.

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    There may be many designer shops out there which make you drool but you need to be smart when buying your wedding dress. Keep a lookout for sales, there is nothing wrong with it and it saves a lot of money. There are many wedding packages in seasons which have 50 to 75 percent off. Do not miss these. Also search online for discounted options from stores like JC penny and Target.

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    Photographs can add a lot of bucks to your spending. It is an important part of the event but there are many irrelevant pictures which can be skipped. There is no need to capture every guest in the album. The photographer charges by hour, including the printing costs.

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