How to Get Married in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is well-known for its outrageous wedding antics, and has played host to a more-than-fair share of celebrity quickie weddings like that of Pamela Anderson, Carmen Electra, Nicky Hilton, and of course, the (first) ill-fated marriage of Britney Spears. Playfully dubbed as The City That Never Sleeps, Las Vegas’ round-the-clock availability and insanely fast marriage service no doubt plays a large part in the city’s role as destination to more weddings per year than any other county in the country.

With an average of over 150,000 weddings per year (that’s over 400 a day!), it’s no wonder more people are looking for more information on how to get married in Las Vegas every week. Hey, they don’t call it the Marriage Capital of the World for nothing.


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    First, you need to apply and obtain a marriage license from Clark County, a county where Las Vegas is situated. While there is no waiting period for marriage licenses, you should apply at least a day in advance (or at a minimum, a few hours earlier) to ensure you do not miss your wedding. Marriage licenses are valid for a year.

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    Organize your personal documents. Besides your marriage license, both you and your spouse will need your driver's license (or a similar form of photo identification) and possibly your Social Security card. If you are under or appear to be under the age of 21, you should also bring along a certified copy of your birth certificate as a proof of age.

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    Choose your wedding venue. There are literally dozens, if not hundreds, of wedding venues available in Las Vegas. If you are feeling particularly traditional, there are even a few churches to choose from, where your wedding can be officiated by a priest, a reverend, a rabbi, or Elvis - your choice.

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    Purchase or rent your wedding day apparel. If you haven't yet found a wedding dress or tuxedo, you can get one from many different shops on the strip. Many of the more popular wedding chapels offer in-house dress and tuxedo rentals, as well. Shoes, veils, and even jewellery are available to complete your look.

    If there are members of your wedding party who need apparel, most chapels offer bridesmaid gowns, dresses for flower girls, suits and tuxedos for anyone else who needs them. Hair and makeup experts are also widely available, and many will come right to your hotel room or prepare you at the chapel.

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    Most venues offer on-the-spot ceremonies, so you can get married in Las Vegas within hours of obtaining your marriage license.

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