How to Change Name After Divorce

In a bid to get over their divorce, most females consider it necessary to change their surnames. No doubt, divorce is one of the most painful things and one cannot easily cope with it but getting a divorce does not mean that all your problems will disappear. Changing a name after a divorce can be really stressful as you have to be very thorough and need to change names from all places including, your financial information, voters list, driving license, passport, utilities, credit cards, social security card and other things.

Nevertheless, it should be kept in mind that changing to your previous name will help you get a new identity and you will find it relatively easy to get over the divorce decision. You will find it exhausting in the start but once you get started, things will start to be a lot easier for you. In most cases, people also file a petition for change in name along with divorce and seek court’s permission. After a divorce has been announced, your name will be changed in your divorce decree but you will have to follow a procedure for that.


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    You should tell the judge in advance that you would wish to change your name and file a petition for that as well along with your divorce.

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    After the divorce is announced, the court will allow you a change in name, you should make several copies of it, just for the record. Remember that after your name is changed, you will have to inform all of the companies about it and for this, plenty of your divorce decree copies will be required.

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    Do not forget to request about a new social security number as this will be a proof of your changed name. For this, you will have to contact the Social Security Administration office. Provide them a copy of your divorce decree and fill out the required form.

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    You should also contact Department of Motor Vehicles, requesting change of name on your driving license. You would have to provide them a copy of your new Social Security number and your divorce decree.

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    Now you should change your name on the financial information including your bank accounts, credit cards or debit cards.

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    Also inform the companies about your name change so you could receive utility bills in your new name.

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    Now you should gain your new voter registration card.

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