How to Plan a Cheap Wedding

There is no doubt that wedding day is most important milestone in everybody’s life. The last thing you want on this day is an empty pocket. You will have to open your wallet for several things like bridal dresses, food, decoration etc. However, you can make this day a memorable event by planning everything well in advance.

Do not worry; planning a cheap wedding does not mean that you will have a dull day. It is just to ensure maximum fun in minimum cost. Apparently, it looks bit difficult but couple of simple techniques can make things a lot easier.


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    Know your budget:

    The first and the foremost thing you should do is to determine the amount you can spend on this special occasion. Though, it is important to throw a memorable party but it is not wise to spend everything you have. Knowing the budget will help you in deciding the scale, theme, menu and venue of the wedding party. Be realistic and calculate your savings. Try to estimate the expenditures and compare them to your savings.

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    Make a guest list:

    Next thing you should do is to make a guest list. Though, the number of guests completely depends on your budget but you should also consider the venue while inviting your friends and family members. Make sure you have enough space and resources to adjust and entertain everyone on the guest list. If you are low on budget then just invite close relatives.

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    Select venue:

    The best way to save money while selecting a venue is to arrange this ceremony in the backyard or lawn. Though, you will have to make all the arrangements yourself but ultimately this type of party will help you in saving lot of money. Browse internet and pick a theme which is not only suitable but also economical.

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    Decide menu:

    Food is an essential part of such gatherings so you should give special attention to the menu. Remember, you can save lot of money by serving some non-traditional food. Plan your own menu but keep your guests' likes and dislikes in mind. You can hire a local catering company as they will provide you a complete range of food at competitive prices.

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    Ask friends to arrange everything:

    If you are planning a cheap wedding then ask your friends to help in making all the arrangements. They will definitely manage everything including decorating the venue, preparing and serving food, arranging music etc.

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