How to Make your Own Wedding Invitations

Creating and printing invitation cards at home is a great way to save your wedding budget, while giving a personal touch, you ask your friends and family members to join you in your wedding ceremony. You can easily customise wedding invitations using different tools available these days. You just need to decide the design of your choice, and create it on Microsoft Word. You can buy the printable invitation cards from the market and use them to print the designs that you create on the computer. So, what are you waiting for? Just have a rough idea of the design in your mind and start creating it on your system.


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    Choose the style and design that you want to incorporate in your wedding invitation. You can have a look at the previous invitations that you received from your friends or family members, to get a rough idea on where to begin. Apart from that, you can also browse for different templates available on internet, free of charge. The invitation should be beautiful enough to stand out. In the meantime, the design should not be too large that it overshadows the text on the card.

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    Visit the nearby craft and stationary store, in order to purchase the printable invitations. Choose the card of your choice. If you do not find the right type of printable invitations at the store, then you can also look for them online.

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    You can now start creating your invitations using Microsoft Word, as it is one of the best word processing programs available to format the wording and formatting the invitations. Create a new Word document file and go to “File” menu. From the dropdown menu, select the “Page Setup”. Select the type of invitation you want to create. If you want the card to be vertical, then you should select the “Portrait” style. If you want the invitation to be horizontal, then you should select the “Landscape” style. Now ,configure the size of the paper from the "Paper Size" menu.

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    Add the wording to your card, including names and venue of the ceremony. Moreover, you should also include the date of the ceremony in the invitation. You can get help from any invitation that you already have, to get an idea of what to include in your invitation.

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    After you are done with formatting, print the card on the printable invitations.

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