How to Change Your Married Name

People in almost the entire world change their names after getting married. The requirement is even more common among women. It is done by the men as well. Whether it is a legal requirement or to give yourself a sense of belongingness, it is a lengthy process to get your name changed at all documents, since you have passed through many institutions that have your old name recorded. You will have to approach and apply with each one of them to get your name changed.


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    First of all you need to choose and discuss your new or proposed name with your spouse for approval. Generally, the matter of the name change is limited to change of the last name.

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    The second most important is to keep you copies of marriage certificate ready. You may also need photographs at some agencies for the record, although it may not be a requirement in some countries.

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    Start with getting your name changed in the national identity card. You should apply for the name change with your NIC bureau.

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    Get your name changed then on the education certificates. This is a lengthy process, as you will have to get the name changed on school certificates to graduation degree.

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    Next step is to get your name changed on the social security card. You might get in trouble after the name change without getting it done on the social security card.

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    Apply for the name change on your passport, which is not very difficult provided you have got your name changed on your national identity card. By producing a copy of the NIC you can get the name changed on the passport easily.

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    Your driving license is another document that will require the name change immediately. Better apply for the name change with driving license authority along with applying for the change on NIC and passport.

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    Get your business cards and other business related documents reprinted with your new name.

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    Get your car registration, home ownership documents and banking details carry your new name, and to get it done, you will have to contact each one of them.

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    You may also notify your name change through a public announcement in a newspaper. This is a legal requirement in some countries that you should advertise your name change including the new name by which you will be known for in the future in a national daily newspaper.

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