How to File Divorce Papers Without an Attorney

The last thing that a person wants while getting divorced is to pay a heavy amount to a lawyer. Mostly people get assistance from a professional attorney because they are unaware of the legal process and want to avoid additional mental turbulence during the tense period of separation.

However, you can divorce your spouse without involving a lawyer. All you need is to take care of a couple of important things and file your petition tactfully. The biggest benefit of this is zero expenses along with a customised agreement.

Though, it saves time and money but you and your spouse will have to cooperate for this “do it yourself” divorce otherwise it will be an uphill task.


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    Talk to your spouse and if you both agree to split up then present the idea to file the divorce paper yourself. Try to make a pre divorce agreement and then get help from a legal expert to finalise this document. It does not mean that you are hiring a lawyer rather you are just paying to have a look at the papers.

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    Now you will have to get a form. Every state has its own divorce laws so visit your courthouse and ask for necessary documents. Many courthouse offer free assistance so do not feel hesitation in asking the clerical staff for help. You may use internet for this purpose as many online libraries and law sites can provide you help in this regard.

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    Look for the applicable laws and make sure that your agreement and provided documents are addressing these laws. The one good option is to get pre-filled sample form and put complete information of both parties.

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    Now it’s time to finalise the agreement and arrange all the documents to file your petition. Make sure that your case comprises an application for divorce, marriage settlement agreement, financial affidavit and complete contact information of both petitioners.

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    Take opinion from a third party and ask if there any modification is needed. It is important to involve a mediator as you will get an unbiased opinion.

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    Next you will have to visit your jurisdiction’s court and file your divorce case. Mostly they tell you the date of hearing on the spot otherwise you will be informed through mail.

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    The final decision will be made by the magistrate so you should attend the hearing regularly. It may take time but ultimately you will get what you want.

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