How to Announce an Engagement

It might be easy to propose a girl and put a ring on her finger but it is one heck of a task to arrange an engagement and announce it for the first time. It requires utmost care and importance because a slight mistake can cause huge problems later on in the life when those who were missed from the party will accuse you of not being so loyal to them whereas you were just so busy that you forgot to invite them. However, an easy way out is to keep a track of who you want to the following summary will help you remember what you need to do before you announce an engagement.


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    You should contact the bride’s family in person and tell them about the arrangement of engagement party. It is inappropriate for the groom to send someone else to deliver the message because it looks awkward and doesn’t send a good message. It is important to tell the bride’s parents in person that their daughter has accepted the marriage proposal and the engagement party have been arranged on a particular date. Take the input they have to give you and decide accordingly. Never impose decisions in these cases because it never leaves a good impression. You don’t want to start the new companionship on a bad or harsh note, hence, keep things simple and listen to others. Always ask for the blessings of bride’s parents.

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    Tell your family about the decision that has been made at the bride’s place and discuss it. If there are any plans to be altered, then make sure the bride’s family is kept up to date at the same time.

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    Tell all your close friends you want to invite and also your relatives by phone or use engagement cards if possible but never use social networking site to announce your plans because it sounds so inappropriate and doesn’t give the same feeling as the other two mediums mentioned.

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    Arrange an engagement party at a place that can accommodate the number of expected people with ease. Contact an event management firm to do the specialized task for you. It will save you time and hassle to everything by yourself.

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    Remind everyone just a day before the event so that everyone is taken onboard. It will help you know whether someone will miss out or not.

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