Things to Consider When Marrying an Older Woman

A Marriage between two people who love each other is always a beautiful thing and love is certainly not bound by age. However, if the love of your life is a woman significantly older than you are there are some things you might want to consider carefully before you go ahead and say I do.


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    Maturity Level

    When you consider the age gap between you and your partner, plus the fact that women naturally mature faster than men do, then you really need to weigh your decision carefully. No matter how much excitement or happiness you feel together, if she eventually finds you to be immature or less mature than she considers herself to be, then your partner will lose respect for you which could spell trouble for your marriage.

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    Definition of Fun

    Older people naturally tend to define fun and enjoyable activities a little differently from younger people. If you both are consistently wanting to do different sorts of things then it implies that you will either spend very little time having fun together or one of you will have to make a sacrifice each time you plan on doing something  fun.

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    Potential Loss of Friends

    All things being equal, your partner probably has friends in her age bracket and your friends are most likely in your age bracket. The challenge this presents is that it is unlikely she will get along with your friends and you with hers, thus you both may have to see your friends much less often. This might mean making a hard choice between your friends and your love.

    However, this is not necessarily how things must go, especially if the age difference is not major. So don’t hold back only on account of your friends. You can freely discuss the prospect with your close friends and see how they feel about it.

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    Having Children

    Most men maintain the capacity to father children throughout their lives. Women on the other hand go through menopause around the age of fifty (on average), after which their chances of having children drastically decrease.

    If your partner is approaching menopause, during which pregnancy tends to be more strenuous, then she may want to have children as soon as possible or she may not want to have them at all. Whichever the case may be, it is important that you both are on the same page concerning children.

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    What People Think

    Unfortunately a lot of people just can’t come to terms with the idea of an older women being in a committed and genuine relationship with a younger man. Your partner could potentially be called all kinds of names and so could you.

    While you should never base such an important decision on what other people think, in reality many people can’t stand the pressure of being discriminated against. If your heart is set on marrying an older woman, you should be able to withstand pressure.

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    She’s Probably Going to Age Faster

    This point is probably going to come across as a little shallow but we have to be realistic. Your partner is going to get old faster than you are, and at some point you are probably going to be in better physical condition than she is.

    For some men this could lead to temptations to cheat with younger women and it is likely that your partner will recognize this and feel insecure about it. If you are sure about your commitment to a life with your older partner, then you need to be sure you can handle everything that comes with it.

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    Getting married to an older lady is a decision that will come with a band wagon of challenges however if you are sure that both of you love each other and are ready to face these challenges together then don’t let age stand in your way.

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