How to Stay Faithful While on Business Travel

Infidelity has become a common practice for many frequent travelling business people. While the true extent of their relationship with another person (co-worker, acquaintance) may be left unidentified, chances are that you will eventually get caught, which will end up causing you greater distress and pain. Therefore it is important that you take steps which ensure that you don’t end up ruining your relationship with your loved ones, just because you were drunk and had a one-night stand during an away business trip.


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    Prepare yourself

    It is always good to prepare yourself for such events which may occur during a business trip. As much as you know yourself and your ability to resist temptation, the truth of the matter is that men will always remain men. You will always end up drinking more than you should just because you know that you won’t need to face your wife and kids. Therefore, define your moral boundaries every time you go out on a business trip, and stay within them.

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    Keep yourself busy

    The best thing for you is to keep yourself busy with positive activities. Give work first priority. In spare time, go out for sightseeing, dine out, watch television or work out in the hotel gym. Keep your mind occupied with something or the other which keeps you on track.

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    Keep in touch with loved ones

    It is important that you keep in touch with your loved ones at home. Rather than calling them to inform about your safety, talk about the trip in detail with your spouse and kids or simply hold a video conference for face time. This will help you stay put and any other thoughts will be kept at bay.

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    Don’t encourage Flirty behaviour

    Avoid getting overly soft and nice as it may send wrong signals to others. Just be straightforward and direct so that everyone understands that you are focused and committed to work and family. It always takes two to tango and before you know it, the situation will get out of control. Keep your conscience clear and don’t get carried away.  Even if someone is provoking you or holding sex as a bargaining chip, make sure that you don’t fall prey to it.

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