Fun Ways To Be Spontaneous For Her

If your special lady loves surprises, then having her mind blown away on her special day should be the perfect thing to do for her. Whether, it’s her birthday, mother’s day or whatever the occasion might be, surprising her can go a very long way, by letting her know how much you truly care for her. And perhaps you’ve been looking for the best kind of surprise to give her, but not too sure on how to begin, no need to worry. Right within this article, we though up nine fun ways to surprise your wife on her special day.


  • 1

    Create A Music Video For Her

    All you need to have this done, is a good camera with great output quality, an editor and someone to help you film the video. You can try composing a song or better still do a cover video of her favorite song. If you have kids, you can also include them in the video. For best outcomes, seek professional assistance and make sure the video is properly done.

  • 2

    Give Her A Reminder Gift

    As her husband, you probably know all there is to know about her past. Maybe a story she told you of something she once used to cherish, or it could be something she never had when growing up. You can simply surprise her by getting that thing that will serve has a reminder and be sure, she’ll appreciate your effort.

  • 3

    Dedicate A Radio Song

    Tell her to tune in to hear something entirely different from the surprise. By the time she tunes in to the station and hears a song dedicated to her by her husband, she’ll be more than surprised.


  • 4

    Dinner Under A Full Moon

    Tell her to accompany you to the grocery store and seize that opportunity to have her mind blown away by giving her a one of a kind dinner treat in the best spots you can ever find in town. Make sure it’s properly planned, and also include a touch of live music as well. It’ll be breath taking!


  • 5

    Plan A Surprise Getaway

    Book a one night hotel and make sure she doesn’t have the slightest idea. Once she closes from work, have her meet you at someplace and then make up a story about something you need get done at the hotel. Make sure she believes you. That way, she’ll be genuinely surprised.

  • 6

    Surprise Her At Work

    With the help of her colleagues, planning a surprise party at her place of work, should be fun and easy to do.


  • 7

    Get Unplanned Event Tickets

    Maybe she’s being dying to go to the movies, a basketball game, or watch her favorite music band play live. The timing couldn’t be more perfect. Get those tickets and let her have all the fun.

  • 8

    Fulfill That Wish

    Maybe she’s been asking for a new car, puppy, or a new garden plant. Go on ahead and purchase that thing that’ll put a smile on her face.

  • 9

    Make Her Watch You Cook Her Favorite Meal

    Every woman loves a man that can cook. You know her favorite dish. So if you have to put in the extra effort to learn how to do and perfectly, then by all means do. Once she’s on her way home, commence with the cooking. So that by the time she arrives she’d be perceiving the smell of the food. Add a touch of music in the background and tell her to relax on the couch while she sips on her favorite whine. Just make the night count by all means necessary.


  • 10

    Surprising your wife on her special day is all about putting a smile on her face and making her happy. And with these tips you’ll do just that.

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