How to Select Photographs for a Wedding Album

Your wedding is arguably the most important thing which happens to you during life. It is the day when you go on and make a commitment that is bound to last for a life time.

Most people look to keep their memories from their wedding days intact in the form of movies and photographs. However, when creating your wedding photo album, you need to remember that not every picture that is taken on that day can go into the album. Instead, you need to carefully plan your every move and organize yourself.

In order to have the best wedding album, you need to carefully plan out the album and use those pictures which actually mean something to you.


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    The first thing you want to do is to figure out just how many pictures will actually fit into your photo album. A number of albums come in variable sizes, and it is up to you to go on and pick an album which is the appropriate size and one which would hold the amount of pictures that you want it to.

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    The next step is for you to filter through your pictures. What you need to do is to start creating piles of pictures which appear to be similar. On a number of occasions the same picture is taken more than once, or a similar picture of the same people is taken. Once you identify these pictures go ahead and pool all of them together.

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    What you need to do now, is arrange the pictures in chronological order. Placing them in order of how they happened will help you later on, when you are placing them in the album.

    At the same time, placing them in this order will make it easier for you to remember the time period during which the pictures were taken.

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    Now you can select the picture from the piles and make a new pile in chronological order. The pictures in this pile will total to the number of pictures that your album can hold.

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    After all of this is done, all you need to do is place the pictures in the appropriate places in the photo album, one by one.

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