Signs Your Husband is In Love With Someone Else (and What You Can Do About it)

The suspicion that your husband, the one person you expect to love and cherish you all the days of your life, might be in love with someone else could be a terrible feeling to live with. This is a reality that many women are forced to deal with, however; there are many times when your  suspicions could turn out to be wrong.

For the good of your relationship and for your peace of mind you need to know for sure whether your husband is in love with another woman or not. Even if your worst suspicious is true, you will need to handle it maturely and peacefully.


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    Emotional Withdrawal

    A sudden emotional withdrawal is one of the biggest signs that your husband may be in love with someone else, particularly in the absence of other factors such as a major argument.

    If this happens, talk to your husband and try to find out why, but also look out for other signs that he might be in love with another woman.

    Emotional Detached Husband
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    Pruning Behavior

    Pruning is something that everyone does when they are in love, so if your husband suddenly buys an unusually expensive pair of shoes or cologne, and generally starts putting in more effort into looking good then you may have to question just who it is he may be trying to impress.

    If you’re lucky, it’s you or maybe even a new boss at the office, but chances are pretty high that it could be another woman.

    Pruning Behavior
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    Sudden change of routine

    Frequent late outings, trips out of town, a change in the route home and such changes in routine for which there are no apparent reason should rouse your attention. Although this is not enough to conclude that your husband is in love with someone, else it could be an indication that there is something new going on in your husband’s life.

    Change of Routine
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    If your spouse suddenly starts sneaking out of the house, taking certain calls in private, putting passwords on his phone, computer and other devices, then you may have reason to suspect he could be communicating with someone he doesn’t want you to know about.

    A sudden onset of secretive behavior is a major red flag and may necessitate the next step:

    Signs Your Husband is in Love with Another Woman
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    If you’ve followed the preceding steps and now fear the worst then it’s time to confront your partner.  As much as possible try to prevent the discussion from getting flared up. There’s always the possibility that you’re wrong about your suspicions and by confronting your husband you will be giving the chance to explain himself.

    Also, using the following indicators, you may be able to tell whether he is lying or not.

    - Eyes movement-(when a person’s eyes shift upward and leftward  before they answer a question, it is an indication that they are thinking up a lie)
    - Failure to make Eye contact
    - Crossed Arms
    - Excessive stillness - absence of  gestures while talking
    - Sweating

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    This one is not advisable if you don’t have a good reason to break your husband’s trust, however; if you do have legitimate reasons to support your suspicions then you may go through his phone records, check his browsing history to see if he’s been purchasing gifts online or visiting dating sites.

    In more serious circumstances you may have him followed by a professional investigator.

    As said before, this will be a major breach of your husband’s trust, particularly if your suspicions turn out to be unfounded, so you need to evaluate the situation careful.

    The steps outlined here can only serve as a guide but not as a set of conclusive tools for finding out if your husband is in love with someone else. As you apply them, remember to always consider that there could be multiple explanations for any strange behavior so make sure you avoid jumping to conclusions.


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