How to Plan a Bermuda Wedding

Bermuda Island is located in the Atlantic Ocean and is one of the most popular spot for couples. It is located on the east coast of Unites States of America and is an affordable location. Couples either come for honeymoon or plan a wedding on this island. Due to its moderate weather conditions and long beaches, Bermuda Island attracts couple for weddings all year long. You might face some difficulties while planning a wedding in Bermuda Island. However, couples need to follow basic wedding planning guidelines when they are planning to marry in another country.


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    Contact travel agent

    Consult your local travel agent and ask him for any holiday package for two at Bermuda Island. Usually travel agents have discount packages for different locations. Book tickets for you, your wife and your family at Bermuda. Also your travel agent will help you book hotels in order to stay at Bermuda Island. You can even book hotels through internet.  You are required to arrange rooms for your guests also. Thus you need to plan accordingly and well before the wedding date.

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    Chose a civil or a religious ceremony

    You need to decide whether you want a civil or a religious wedding ceremony in Bermuda. You can find several churches in Bermuda Island as compared to the rest of the world and thus if you are planning to have a religious ceremony, it is easily achievable. Remember that you can even confront ministers. They will perform wedding ceremonies outdoor so people can enjoy the beauty of the island.

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    Seek the venue for the ceremony and reception

    Next you need to look for the place where you want to host your wedding ceremony and reception. There are several venues in Bermuda which are according to the likes of bride and groom. In case you want to plan a formal wedding reception, you can book a ballroom in a hotel such as Fairmont Southampton. You can even plan a wedding directly on the beach. There are historic locations in Bermuda as well such as Waterville.

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    Seek vendors

    You need to plan with your local wedding planner in order to find vendors. In case you are not familiar with the area, planning destination wedding at Bermuda Island can be difficult. Thus you should work out with your wedding planner and find vendors. Some of the good vendors in Bermuda are Bermuda Bride and The Bridal Suite which will provide a wedding planner who will help you in choosing everything e.g. florist or caterers.

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