6 Ideas for Arranging a Wedding Cake on a Budget

Wedding cakes are a very important and symbolic part of weddings. The perfect wedding cake will amaze guests, make the day memorable and endure in pictures for years if you’re lucky.

The thing about wedding cakes is that they are usually much more expensive than other kinds of cake, ostensibly because they are made using expensive ingredients, take a lot of time and need to look as good as they taste.

If you’re planning your wedding on a budget the good news is that you may not have to forego getting a befitting cake for your special day. This guide will show you how you can get your wedding cake as cheap as possible.


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    Book your cake in advance

    Booking your cake months in advance may help you get a cheaper price from the caterer. Another added benefit of pre- booking your wedding cake is that you are more likely to get your cake on time and just the way you want it.

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    Go for a simple design

    Yes wedding cakes are supposed to be elegant and beautiful and should stand out; however if you’re on a budget then it might be wise for you to forego any unnecessarily extravagant designs.

    Typically, the more elaborately a cake is designed, the more expensive it is. You really don’t need to have a five tiered cake - three could work just as well. 

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    Bargain hunt

    Bargain hunting for a wedding cake doesn’t really sound like the kind of shopping a woman would like to do for her wedding. However, if you have a strict budget to adhere to then this is one of the steps you may have to take.

    Ideally you should be looking at good, but recently opened caterers in your locality, who are usually more than willing to prepare a wedding cake at a reasonable price in order to get more publicity and potential business.

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    Disguised Sheet Cake

    If all you care about is having a good looking wedding cake then you could easily buy regular cakes and then get them decorated like a wedding cake. A few of your guests might be able to detect the difference in taste but at the end of the day it’s your wedding and you’re the one on a budget so you need to do what feels best for you.

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    Do it yourself

    If you have any reasonable experience at baking and specifically at making wedding cakes then there’s no harm in you doing your wedding cake by yourself. There are plenty reliable cook books out there in book stores or online that will walk you through the process of making your dream wedding cake.

    If you have absolutely no experience at this however, then trying to make your cake yourself could end disastrously so it may be best for you to leave it to the professionals.

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    Some people feel that it is distasteful to negotiate with your caterer over the price of your wedding cake; however, you must be pragmatic. You need a beautiful cake and you may not be able to afford the initially quoted price but you can negotiate with the caterer because as noted earlier, much of the cost of wedding cakes is simply due to the fact that wedding cakes are well…wedding cakes.

    You could also let the caterer know what your budget is and have them design a cake within that range.

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    Things to remember

    At the end of the day, remember it is your wedding. You are inviting people to celebrate a memorable day with you, and there is nothing to worry about if you are on a tight budget. As long as you offer your guests the best you can, you’re good.

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