Ten Steps To Improve Your Marriage

Every now and then you need to give your marriage a boost, that is if you are planning on building a marriage to grow into a lifetime experience. Marriage takes work and building something so special requires your utmost attention. Whether you are going through a rough patch in your marriage or just managing, you can still find ways to strengthen the bonds between you and your spouse. Rejuvenating your marriage as with most things happens one little step at a time. That is why we have drawn up ten steps to improve your marriage.


  • 1

    Always Compliment Your Spouse

    Compliments are very important and they go a very long way in making people happy. People love to be appreciated, especially if it’s coming from people they hold dear the most. If your partner does something even as little as handing you a remote, a simple ‘’thank you’’ should be expressed.


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    Spend Quality Time Together During A Weekday

    No matter how busy your schedule is, try as much as possible to find time to spend with your partner in a weekday. Let them know that you care more about them than your work schedule. Marriage is about sacrifice, and you should be willing to do whatever it takes to sustain it.

  • 3

    Ask About Their Day

    If you notice your partner has had a long day either at work or something else entirely, it’s always very productive to ask them how it all went down. Effective communication is one of the keys to a successful marriage life. Your partner should be enthusiast enough to tell you how their day went. But most of the time, you’ll have to seem interested with their daily affairs.

  • 4

    Kiss Your Spouse

    Kissing like touching, hugging and so on, will keep your partner attracted to you, both emotionally and sexually. The last thing you want is your partner being void of those feelings.

  • 5

    Surprise Your Spouse With Gifts

    Surprising your partner with gifts is another form of telling them that they mean a lot to you and you care about them. It also helps your partner to know that they are all you think about throughout the day.


  • 6

    Seek For Advice

    Instead of visiting a shrink or someone else for advice, always talk to your partners first. They should feel relevant enough to seek advice from them. Seeking counsel from someone else simply means you don’t trust your partners enough to seek their counsel, which isn’t advisable.

  • 7

    Tell Your Spouse Everything

    Always feel free to talk to your spouse about everything and anything at all. That way, you’ll make them feel relevant always.

  • 8

    Be Spontaneous With Love Making

    Don’t make a time table for love making, it only gets boring after a while as most married couples would say. Be unpredictable and always make your partner feel wanted, both sexually and emotionally.

  • 9

    Be A Good Listener

    Examine yourself and determine if you are a good listener or a bad one. If you are a bad one, now is the perfect to change. Every partner wants and loves a good listener as well just as much as they want an interested . Most especially if you are a man, you should be prepared to always listen to your wife. Because women love to talk in general.

  • 10

    Be Open To New Ideas

    Always listen to initiatives proposed by your partners. Make them feel like everything they say is important. And even if you have to disagree about anything, make sure you make them see your point in a very acceptable manner. Don’t start a fight because you refuse to accept his or her point of view. Always find a middle ground and keep everything smooth and happy.

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    With these tips, sending your marriage on the right track should become easy to attain.

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