How To Arrange Wedding Seating for a Reception

The seating arrangement is a crucial part of a wedding ceremony which is mostly overlooked due to its wrong perception in the mind of the event manager. People usually tend not to give attention to this feature of the wedding, whereas it forms the first impression on the visitors and a messed up seating plan can always leave the guest in discomfort. People feel at ease if everything is perfectly decorated and planned but they don’t feel good when they see a mess and seating plan can create that sort of impression if it is not sorted out with utmost attention. Mostly, the seats are booked for the several types of guests but not all the times. So, to make sure that there is no bad impression left at the guests, careful attention and well thought out seating arrangement is required which may take a bit of precious time but pay hefty rewards in returns.


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    No one wants to be separated from their loved one so make sure that all married couples plus the ones who are dating each other are seated together. Otherwise, they will not feel at ease and most probably look to leave the ceremony as early as possible.

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    Children that are aged from 9 to 12 should not be separated from their parents because they can run around and destroy the whole arrangement if not carefully monitored and only one authority can do that, their parents. For middle teenagers, a special separate table should be arranged so that they can sit together and discuss their daily routines and other gossips with their friends and cousins. For adults, there shouldn’t be any particular place allotted to them because they should be left at ease and feel free to sit with whomever they like.

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    Try to figure out the couples that are divorced or no more in a relationship and make a plan that will keep them far from each other; otherwise they will not feel at ease and a sense of discomfort will creep in.

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    Seating arrangement should be carefully structured. For those people who are physically challenged, their tables should be kept near the food arrangements so they don’t have to hassle much and enjoy their time.

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    Seats shouldn’t be assigned to anyone but tables.

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    Print out a whole layout of the sitting arrangement and paste it at the entrance so everyone knows where to sit.

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