How Not to Cry at Your Wedding

While men are strong enough to not get too emotional at their own weddings, women generally end up in tears once the ceremony commences. For a few women, this might not be a problem, but for others it can get really embarrassing. It may not be too much of a problem if you have a few tears dripping off your cheeks; most women try to keep calm and cry quietly. However, there are others who may embarrass themselves since they make a lot of noise while crying. In such scenarios, one should know how to control their emotions and not cry. Through certain ways, you can avoid crying during your own wedding.


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    For starters, you should only think about the good times. If you are getting married to someone, it’s because you really wanted this. Simply think about the good times which the two of you have spent together. There might have been several fights between the two of you, and there is no doubt that remembering a darker patch is easier as compared to remembering the light you could see at the end of the tunnel during that time; however, the two of you are getting married because you both wanted it, so there is no point in thinking about not being together.

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    If you are happy and crying out of emotion, then try some laughter therapy. Laughing is less embarrassing as compared to crying loudly. Whenever you think you are getting the usual chills down your spine, simply giggle a little. People will most definitely not find it awkward that you are happy and smiling at your own wedding. There is no rule which says that you have to cry at your wedding if you are a girl.

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    Try to see a positive future. Once you are involved with someone, you can imagine the perfect life you can live with them. However, once the marriage ceremony comes closer, your mind starts wandering off. You think about all the other people who could be better for you, or maybe all the other options which you could have picked. However, that should not be the case. Simply focus on the one thing that you are doing at that point in time. Bring yourself to your senses and think of the future in a positive way. Always think that there will be a positive outcome. Once you see your future self happy while you are thinking, it will be hard for you to cry.

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