How to Save Money on Wedding Music

The wedding day is one of the happiest days in a person’s life and you always make sure that everything goes in a perfect manner. The ceremony can be a very expensive affair and you need to manage all the costs in an effective manner. Music on your wedding is an added cost for many and you can save a considerable amount of money. You cannot remove music from the ceremony as it an extremely important feature. There are many ways through which you can save on the costs of music on the wedding day.


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    Be the DJ on your wedding

    You can save money on music on your wedding day by becoming the DJ yourself. If you have the knowledge and are in to music, you can easily play songs that you like. This will save you a considerable sum of money but it is unlikely that you will get that much time on your own wedding day

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    Invite limited people

    It is good that you invite your close family and friends on the wedding day. In this way, the ceremony will be an informal one and you would not need to spend a lot of money on music. You can play the songs you want or you can ask a friend to play them for the ceremony. Another way would be to hire a good DJ for the ceremony and save costs by inviting limited number of guests.

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    Hire a local band

    If you do not want to go for a renowned DJ or a famous music band, hire a local band for your wedding ceremony. There are many aspiring youngsters who have loads of talent and are waiting for the right opportunity. They will not charge a lot of money and you will get some very good music for your wedding guests.

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    Make a CD of special songs

    If you want to save costs on a DJ or a local band also, make a CD in advance for the function. Select some of your favourite songs for the day and burn them in a CD so that they can be played throughout the ceremony.

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