How to Do a Circle Dance in a Wedding

A wedding is an event that stays with you all your life and you would want to make it as entertaining as possible. The Circle Dance in a wedding is an old tradition in which the couple and the guests form a circle and dance in the centre to celebrate the event. Everybody dances to traditional music and congratulate the Bride and Groom on the precious day. Organizing a circle dance is pretty easy and you need to have ample space in the centre of the hall to celebrate.


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    Create ample space for the dance

    To prepare for a Circle dance, you should first make sure that there is ample space. Try to select a place where you think many couples can stand in a big circle. There should be no obstacles in the way so that the proceedings go smoothly. The best place is in the centre of the hall so that the audience can also enjoy the couples dancing and they will have a clear view.

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    Select the appropriate music

    Choosing the right music is vital for the circle dance. The beat should be lively and enthusiastic so that all the guests enjoy. Try to select the music that most of the guests have already listened so that it has a traditional feel to it. Hava Nagila is a very popular tone for the weddings and is used by most of the wedding organizers.

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    Gather the Bride and Groom and all the guests

    After you have selected the place for the dance, gather the guests that are willing to dance. Also, bring the Bride and the Groom to the centre stage and begin the proceedings. Form a large circle and leave ample space in the centre for dancing. Start with the Bride and Groom and surround them, moving slowly in a circle.

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    Bring couples turn after turn in the centre

    When the Bride and Groom are done, different couples move to the centre to dance turn by turn. When couples from the circle have all danced, guests from the outer circle can move in to take their turn. The couples can clap, offer their prayers for the married couple, cheer and chant, if they do not intend to dance. The dance will end as soon as the music ends and after that, all guests congratulate the married couple and leave the stage.

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