How to Get Along with Your Spouse

A movie may make you believe that getting married to the love of your life is the end of the story, but that is far from reality.

Actually, the story truly begins after you get married.

People expecting a happily ever after often get bamboozled when reality hits them. The numerous challenges that life begins to throw at you in form of utility bills, rent, expectations, etc. have the potential to make your otherwise perfect married life pretty wobbly and lay the seeds of  rift between you and your spouse.

You need to realise that no matter how big a challenge is, you can overcome it if you have your spouse’s support. Therefore, getting along with them should be your first priority.


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    Communication is the key to getting along with your spouse. You need to understand that without talking to each other regularly and openly, neither you nor your spouse would be able to truly connect with each other. This communication gap would continue to grow with the passage of time and eventually make you both seem like strangers, even enemies, to each other.

    Therefore, talk freely about things that are floating inside your head with each other. If there is an issue, put it on the table with the intention of resolving it. Complaining is easy, but it does not serve any purpose. Work together as a team to find a solution instead. Remember to let your spouse talk and when they do, listen carefully.

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    Rekindle the passion that existed between you and your spouse by spending more time together. Go out on dates at least once a week. If your kids are keeping you at home, simply hire the services of a babysitter. Going out on a date with a person you are already married to is much more fun and relaxing, as you will not have to worry about impressing your date or leaving a good impression on them.

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    Make your spouse a part of your life by talking to him/her about your feelings, your work, your colleagues, your college days, etc. Pay attention to them when they are sharing their life with you. Do not act bored.

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    Surprise your spouse by doing something out of the ordinary every once in a while. Let your imagination go wild. You can hide a romantic note in the clothes that they would be wearing to work, or you can serve them breakfast in bed. Alternatively, you can surprise them with a gift when they are least expecting it. You do not have to wait for your spouse’s birthday, your wedding anniversary or Valentine’s Day to give your life partner a gift.

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    Be more affectionate towards your spouse. A spontaneous hug or kiss can do wonders for your marriage. Do not hesitate to let your spouse know just how crazy you still are about them.

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    Take a break from spending time with your spouse and have a night out with your friends. Distances make the heart grow fonder. No matter how much you love your spouse, it is never a great idea to spend every second of the day around them, as it may make you grow weary of them.

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