How to Share Clothes with a Cross-Dressing Husband

It is natural to feel awkward if you are married to a man who is into cross-dressing and persistent on wearing your clothes. If you love him dearly, then you would have probably gotten over or looked past the awkwardness and accepted him for what he is.

Things, however, can become a bit frustrating when it comes to sharing clothes with him. While sharing clothes with a female friend or family member is not an issue because you know they would not take the liberty of wearing certain garments of yours, your husband is likely to feel exempted of these exceptions. You can avoid getting into a fight with him and letting the matter get out of hand by putting down some ground rules.


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    You need to draw a line and be firm while getting assurance from your husband that this line will never be crossed. Clearly tell him about the blouses, skirts, dresses and other stuff that is strictly off limits as you do not want those clothes to lose their fitting. Make sure you husband takes you seriously while you are pointing out the clothes that he should not feel free to wear, unless he is willing to buy you new ones in case they get ruined.

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    Instead of putting blind faith in your husband’s memory, putting the list of clothes of items that are off limits in writing so that you husband neither forgets, nor uses memory as an excuse to open your wardrobe and drawers and wear the very clothes you have banned on him.

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    Make it clear to him that he is supposed to stay away from your lingerie drawer. Under normal circumstances, there is nothing to worry about if a husband goes through a wife’s lingerie, but if the scenario includes a cross-dressing husband, then there is a good chance that the lingerie would be pulled out of the drawer and worn, something that no female would be comfortable with. There are certain clothing items that are very personal and it should be kept that way. If your husband has a strong temptation of wearing your expensive Victoria’s Secret lingerie, he should go out and buy a new one for himself, leaving your alone.

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    There is a good chance that your husband would not dressing sense of a woman, which creates an ideal opportunity for you to convince him into wearing clothes that you no longer wear because they are out of fashion.

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    Take your husband shopping with you and let him pick clothes for himself. This way, you will not have him going through your wardrobe and putting your clothes out of shape.

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