How to Make a Fresh Flower Wreath

Making a fresh flower wreath is a striking idea and results in a startling addition to your home decor during various celebrations. You can hang your fresh floral wreath on the wall, door or from the chairs’ back. Moreover, you can even wear it around your head to look gorgeous.

Making a fresh flower wreath is pretty effortless activity where you simply have to nicely arrange colorful flowers around a Styrofoam wreath ring. You can customize this wreath the way you want. Use some ferns, garden roses, peonies, white football mums, lilies and random greenery to make your wreath.

Things Required:

– Floral foam wreath or Styrofoam wreath ring
– Fresh flowers – various colors and lengths
– Base foliage or random greener – your choice
– Ribbon
– Pair of Scissors


  • 1

    Soak the Wreath Ring

    First of all soak the wreath ring in a tub of cold water until it absorbs water thoroughly and saturated.

  • 2

    Squeeze Wreath Ring

    Remove the wet wreath ring from water and lightly squeeze the excess water, using your hands.

  • 3

    Cut the Stems

    Set the wreath ring aside and cut the stems of the flowers to the desired length. Now, trim off the extra leaves and wilting petals – if any.

  • 4

    Insert Foliage

    Put the stems of the selected base foliage into the wet wreath ring at various angles in order to cover it properly. You can use leaves, ferns or other greenery as a foliage base.

  • 5

    Insert Large Flowers

    Now insert the stems of the large flowers into the wreath ring, covering it completely. You can arrange focal flowers as a large clump in one side of the ring or several clumps all around.

  • 6

    Insert Small Flowers

    Fill the remaining spaces with some fresh small flowers.

  • 7

    Use a Colorful Ribbon

    Bring a wide colorful ribbon into play and loop it right through the center of your wreath ring to hang it in the desired location.

  • 8

    Hang It

    Your fresh flower wreath is ready; hang it and enjoy this nice addition to your home decor.

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