How to Marry a Feminist

Feminism is a movement and a school of thought which preaches a set of ideologies that aim to define, establish, and defend equal economic, social and political rights for women around the world. Individuals who associate themselves with this school of thought are called feminists, and it is common knowledge that most feminists are quite skeptical about marriage,  as it is a conventional custom associated with the traditional school of thought.

However, if you are in love with a feminist, this doesn’t mean that you should give up your relationship, or think of it as something without a future. If you are truly interested in getting married to a feminist, you will simply have to adopt a few qualities in order to persuade him or her to get married to you.


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    Develop an understanding of feminism

    First of all, you have to develop an understanding of feminism. You can only understand your potential spouse, who is a feminist, if you have an understanding of all the basics of feminism. There are many different schools of thought in feminism, including militant feminism, which is more conservative and difficult to handle, and moderate feminism (a more European school of thought), which is comparatively easier to deal with, as compared to its traditional counterparts.

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    Engage in logical debate

    After developing a sound understanding of feminism, you must engage in a logical and productive debate with your potential spouse. You don’t have to prove that you are a follower of feminism; just be truthful about your own views, and resolve all matters with logical reasoning, as most feminists appreciate a good debate. It is extremely important for you to be honest and open in your arguments as it will help you get closer to your potential spouse, and create more understanding between you two.

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    Develop a plan

    Most feminists avoid getting married as they want to keep themselves away from the hassle of gender roles after marriage. Therefore, you will have to make a sound plan for your wedding, so that no one seems more dominant or submissive than the other. In addition, you must assure your potential spouse that you will share everything equally with each other after the wedding, and that no one will be given extra responsibilities.

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    Marry according to feminist ideas

    You must agree to marry according to certain feminist ideas. For instance, feminists prefer to keep their original last name even after marriage. So, you will have to make all the legal arrangements accordingly. Respect the ideas of your spouse-to-be, as it will help you increase love and harmony in your relationship.

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