How to Look Good as a Wedding Guest

Every culture has its own traditional marriages and marriage customs. The purpose though remains the same. Joining two people in wedlock and giving them the blessings of the elders and expressing the joy on this happy and important occasion for the couple.

The marriage attires and settings will always vary even within the same region but there are always some common aspects in all marriages. If you are a guest, you can always follow these common matters and be able to present yourself as a good guest.

It’s not a hard thing to do and follows a very basic social code.


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    Dress Well

    Marriage is a formal event and one must be dressed properly. A formal attire in various cultures will differ so pick one that is acceptable socially in the area you are attending the marriage in. Avoid casual clothing at all costs as it leaves a bad impression and makes others feel that you have come to attend the marriage with a lack of interest.

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    Be on Time

    It’s important to reach the venue on time. In some cultures, being late to the marriage is the norm, even for the bride and groom. So reach at an appropriate time. If you know that the marriage will actually start at a later time, be sure that you reach right on that time and are not late from that. It is also not a bad idea to contact the family of the couple to check if everything is on time or whether there is a delay.

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    Be Social

    You must be social and meet with other people attending the marriage. You may come across a situation here you do not know the people at the marriage but it is still a good idea to have a bit of a chit chat. This will leave a good impression of yours on others and often you can make useful contacts at such events.

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    Don’t Be Loud

    Some guests get caught in the heat of the occasion and start acting in a rowdy manner. Never make this mistake. When talking, do not raise your voice too much. Similarly when you are having your meal, wait for your turn and don’t push others to make it to the buffet table first. Waiting in queue may not be fun but it is the way it has to be.

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