How to Propose Marriage to a Woman

If you have found the woman of your dreams, you should not waste the opportunity and propose to her before she gets engaged to someone else. Although you would want to do this immediately, yet you have to consider a few important things first before making the decision.

If you are married to the right woman, your life will certainly become easy, as she will be there for you through every thick and thin. On the other hand, a wrong choice will end up making your life like a living hell, so it is important to propose the right woman in the right manner.


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    Think with a relaxed mind

    Sometimes one fails to make good decisions because they are made in haste. You can get away with that over small matters, but marriage is a completely different situation altogether. Therefore, think with a relaxed mind whether you have chosen the right woman. Other than physical appearance, you have to consider the attitude of your possible life partner in the future.

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    Ask permission from her parents

    Although it is ideal to keep your plans to yourself, you should ask permission from the parents of the woman, you intend to marry. Meeting them will give you a clear idea of how well your expected wife has been brought up.

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    Decide the timing of the proposal

    It is important to time your move to perfection, no matter what situation you are in. Similarly, you have to decide the right time, when to ask the hand of the woman you love. It doesn’t need to be an important occasion, but you need to ensure that she is happy at that time and is feeling positive about life.

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    Decide the place

    One of the most important factors is the selection of place, where you will purpose the woman of your life. It is ideal to know her choice and then take her to the place, where she feels relaxed and happy. Talk to her about different things and happenings in life, as it is not ideal to ask her hand straight away.

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    Make the traditional move

    Although it is nice to experiment in certain situations, yet you should not try anything new while proposing marriage to a woman. The best thing is to go the traditional way by bending down on one knee and ask, “Will you marry me?”

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